St. Andrew's Orthodox Church
117 Linden St - Ashland, Virginia
A Parish of the Diocese of the South (OCA)



St. Andrew's Parish Prayer List

We Pray for the Living...

  • Larissa, James and unborn child
  • Adele Bettcher
  • child Gislain, child Saphire
  • Jim & Lee Harshaw
  • Elizabeth Simerick
  • Mat. Mary Lynn Henry - Cancer
  • Michael Chisholm- recovery
  • Laurie, Phil, Tessa & Peggy
  • Ricky & Marcie
  • Gregory Chisholm
  • Michael Chisholm
  • Salvatore P.
  • child Christopher - CF
  • Diane McCreary - stroke
  • Joyce Houston - job
  • Denise - cancer
  • Carrie - cancer
  • Liza Steele - cancer
  • Wayne Foster - cancer
  • Lynne Pollard - cancer
  • Lawrence - cancer 
  • Katherine (Pam) Bailey - cancer
  • Mat. Mary Lynn Henry - cancer
  • Christopher Reynolds - cancer
  • Kevin - cancer
  • Nick Francisco - cancer
  • Frances - cancer
  • Frances - cancer
  • Seanna & David - for children
  • Rebecca & Timothy
We Pray for the Departed...

  • Rev. Archpriest Paul White (newly departed)
  • Albert Kita (newly departed)
  • Ruth Jones (newly departed)
  • Tammy Cooper (newly departed)
  • Infant Lydia (newly departed)
  • Rhonda (newly departed)
  • Stanley Gaydosh
  • Bernard Ray Corley (newly departed)
  • Child Silas Hayes 
  • Infant Anna 
  • Dorothy Robelen 
  • Sandra Damick 
  • Teresita Jacinto - Oliva 
  • Nancy LaNeave 
  • John Fensterman
  • Archpriest Alexander Atty
  • Archpriest George Detrana
  • Child Gage
  • Child Lauren 
  • Child Jonathan

Our General Petitions...

  • All victims of abortion; mother, child and father
  • For our brothers and sisters in Ferguson, MO, that the Lord God will soften hearts that are hardened and surround them with angelic protection... 
  • Underprivileged and hungry families resident of motels in and around Ashland
  • All who are isolated, lonely, or who have no one to visit them
  • All who are incarcerated 
  • All who are imprisoned by mental illness or addiction
  • All members of our Armed Forces, esp deployed family members and friends
  • All members of our Armed Forces who have given their lives or the wholeness of their bodies and minds in service to their country
  • All who serve their communities in the Police, Fire and EMS service and all who have given their lives in the line of duty
  • This God-protected town and village of Ashland and every single soul who dwells therein
  • We pray in solidarity with Christians everywhere, esp in Iraq & the Middle East who are persecuted, displaced, put to the sword, slaughtered for their faith that The Lord God will have mercy on them and deliver them.
  • We pray that the people of Ukraine and Russia be granted the wisdom, mutual respect and love which will protect them from violence and preserve them in peace. 
  • That The Lord God will guide, bless and fulfill our efforts to build up this parish, and that He will enable us to grow in spirit and in numbers, and that He will send us singers, icon painters and lovers of charity, and that He will nurture within us these same talents as a living witness to His love, faithfulness and eternal glory.
  • All members of our community who have asked for our prayers, even though we are most unworthy

117 Linden St Ashland, VA 23005 804-798-4198